Installation supervision

Installation supervision is organizational and technical guidance during installation work by the customer’s specialists.

Installation work can be of a full cycle – assembly, connection and launch of equipment supplied by Bag Filter Factory LTD, as well as personnel training and control of the equipment’s operation.

Installation supervision allows you to significantly reduce the installation time, because the control over the launching the equipment is carried out by professionals.

It is possible to order installation supervision only for assembly. However you should keep in mind that only on condition of complete installation supervision is it possible for the manufacturer to provide the declared parameters of the equipment operation.

Work Process

We offer

Training and introductory briefing on the organization and sequence of installation of gas cleaning equipment

Approval of the site for the installation of equipment

Acceptance of the main assemblies of gas cleaning equipment according to phases (step-by-step)

Testing “with air”: preliminary launch of mechanisms with switched on smoke exhausters, checking the automation operation, testing the operation of electrical modes and so on.

If you decided to order installation supervision from Bag Filter Factory LTD, it is necessary to agree with us on the list of preparatory steps to be performed by the customer:

– agreement on the production plan

– approval of the project for technological connection

– aligning of the functional schemes

– adjustment of equipment drawings

– appointment of a responsible person who will be present at the site where works will be held

– ensuring the safety of equipment and materials

– preparation of technological openings for equipment transportation