Bag filters BFF

What bag filter is

Continuous running machine for general industrial purposes. It is designed to remove fine dust from process gases and aspiration emissions from various technological units and processes.

BFF Bag Filter units comply with: Technical Specifications of Ukraine, Customs Union technical regulations, ATEX directive 94/9 / EC (2014/34).

So why do experts prefer us? Let’s dwell on the production of equipment. Each equipment is being produced according to the technical order of technicians. In case of certain circumstances occur when obtaining exact technical assignment is not possible, all the necessary measurements, power calculations, equipment project drawings are carried out by our design office. Standardized quality control is being held during all stages of production: from the machine shop, where the machine frame is assembled, to the cutting and sewing shop. We have not only high-capacity automated production, but we also manufacture individual orders manually.

Nowadays bag filters are widely used in the industrial sector. This equipment is necessary for high-quality cleaning of industrial emissions. Companies have to install bag filters due to increased environmental and sanitary requirements. A wide range of these products allows you to find models that have high performance in different conditions.

Principle of bag filters’ operation

The polluted air stream under pressure enters the dirty gas chamber, where the filter bags are installed. Dust particles remain on the outside, on the fibers of the filtering material, and the cleaned air through the inside part of the bag enters the clean gas chamber and goes outside. It should be noted that the greater the accumulated layer of dust, the stronger the resistance of the fabric. The principle of bags’ regeneration (cleaning) is based on the pressure difference.

The filtration efficiency directly depends on the correct calculation of the filtration area and the correct selection of the filtering material. Modern equipment uses filter bagd made of:

– non-woven needle-punched materials,

– woven filter cloths

– fiberglass fabric.

Due to the simple design of the filters and their high efficiency, these products are in great demand in the industrial sector.

Many entrepreneurs do not know how to choose the right product. The description of the bag filter will help you in this difficult task. If you do not understand this area at all, then it is advisable to use the services of experienced and competent consultants. It is better to order filtering equipment in time-tested companies. High-quality gas cleaning equipment will help you to increase the operating life of your equipment. Do not forget about the maintenance of industrial machines, this is the only way you can avoid breakdowns that will negatively affect the working process.

Bag filters: our company’s catalog

Nowadays bag filters are considered as one of the most effective methods for cleaning gas streams.

The bag filter for aspiration is used not only in closed locations, but also in open areas. Our factory uses high-quality raw materials during production of bag filters, so the filters are able to withstand high temperature conditions, high levels of humidity and work in conditions of high content of abrasive substances.

Our experts will be able to select the correct material for each client, taking into account the operating conditions and characteristics of pollutants. Bags often can last from 2 to 4 years. It is necessary to carry out equipment maintenance and replace filters timely to increase the operational life.

Due to the wide range of equipment, each customer is able to select the model that suits his production process. We guarantee the high quality of the bag filter.

You can get additional information by contacting us by phone number or e-mail. Experts are ready to answer all your questions.