Aspiration cabinet for intake pits

The dusty air formed during unloading is removed from the working area with the fan, cleaned of dust and released into the atmosphere or sent for recirculation back to the intake pit area. The dust caught by the filter is unloaded directly into the intake pit.


The equipment can be installed:
– along the intake pit, on the opposite side from the unloading of product;
– directly above the intake pit;
– on the edge of the intake pit, with the installation of an additional tray that discharges dust;
– on the conveyor with unloading of dust into separate reservoir.
The fan can be situated directly in the area of intake pit or be taken out of it.



Pulse jet bag filter BFF-I-M1-30-B is intended for premises of unloading of grain crops. Due to original filter elements the equipment has small dimensions and high productivity.

Additional information

Product range


Capacity, thous.m3h


Filtration area, sq.m.


Number of filtering elements, pcs.



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