We have our own engineering and design department where planners and designers with many years of experience successfully implementing gas cleaning projects for various industries. We have dozens of integrated solutions for aspiration and dust collection both on the territory of Ukraine and countries nearby.

Over the past years we have completed the orders at cement plants, grain storage facilities, in technological lines behind boilers.

Execution of design works is possible both in one stage and with phasing. In the initial stage of the design process we work out several options for configuration for each section, their layout and location. After agreement with the customer we start developing each section separately.

We think over everything to the smallest details to ensure high productivity and high quality under any conditions.

To obtain the project that meets the customer’s requirements the best we should not neglect the pre-design inspection of the object which is intended to be constructed or reconstructed (basic engineering). Its purpose is to confirm the reliability of the initial data, obtain technological guarantees, determine the cost of project implementation, the composition of the assemblies and the amount of work, and to adapt the project to the customer’s site.


If “10% of production problems are inherent in the design process”, then the pre-design inspection reduces these statistics into zero.

So after the basic engineering has been carried out the work on the implementation of design and working documentation is simplified, the cost of final contract is reduced and the project implementation time becomes as realistic as possible.

Design cornerstones

We work not only with numbers, but also with workers in the sites. The effectiveness of our recommendations depends on the correctness of the data provided by them by 30%.