Liquid filters are reliable and efficient solution

Liquid filtration bags are essential when you need to improve performance with small filter volume. Their use can reduce the cost of filtration, the efficiency of which is from 1 micron.

Our factory offers products made of the following materials:

Non-woven polyester with filtration rating from 1 micron to 100 micron.

Non-woven polypropylene with filtration rating from 1 micron to 100 micron.

In addition to non-woven filter cloths, it is possible to produce bags out of monofilament fabrics. They have a mesh structure and eliminate the risk of fibers and microparticles getting into the cleaned liquids.

Where filter bag is applied

Filter bags are in great demand in various types of industries. The filter materials used for production of bags do not contain binders: silicone, glue and other harmful impurities. They can be used in the food industry. Filter bags are used for filtration of lubricating oils, waste water, industrial filtration of water, juices, molasses, syrups and in many other fields.

Where you can buy bag filters?

Our company produces and supplies filter elements for liquid purification. The products of our company are installed at many industrial enterprises of the country. Liquid filter bags have affordable prices, so everyone can buy these products. Due to the wide assortment you can find filtering components for various types of industrial equipment. Our products are fully certified and manufactured in accordance with modern requirements. Filter bags are tested for quality at each stage of production. The resulting product has high performance characteristics.

If you are the manager of an industrial enterprise, then you definitely need to purchase filters for the purification of industrial effluents/water and other liquids. This approach will reduce the level of emissions of harmful substances into the environment, which will have a positive effect on the ecological situation in the whole country.

Despite the fact that the filter bags have simple design, these elements are highly durable. They allow you to clear a large volume of liquid in a short period of time. These filter bags are resistant to chemical and biological influences. Our products do not decompose or rot, and do not develop mold or mildew. Due to the high strength of the material, our bags can be regenerated many times.