Filter bags

Filter bags

Filter bag is an element of the bag filter equipment that wears out the most and requires

periodic replacement. The material for the bags is chosen depending on the operating conditions of the gas cleaning equipment.

The bag’s service life significantly depends on the quality of sewing of the product since during operation they undergo multiple regeneration cycles. Therefore, reliability depends not only on the quality of the filter materials from which the products are sewn, but also on the method of connecting the elements of the bag.

Depending on the regeneration method (pulse jet or reverse air regeneration), the bag has additional structural elements: spring or metal rings, sealing strips etc.

The materials used for the production of filter bags provide:

– cleaning efficiency up to 99.98%

– catching fine dust with a size of 0.1 microns

– high wear resistance and resistance to aggressive media due to special impregnations, additional treatments etc.

– the ability to work at temperatures up to 280 ° C.

If the filter bags are used in reverse air filter, they are produced:

– with anti-collapse rings (sewn along the entire length of the filter bag);

– regarding filtering materials: fiberglass, non-woven felt, with area weight 300-500 g/sq.m.

If the filter bags are used in pulse jet filter:

– they are used with wire cages that are installed inside the filter bag;

– the diameter of the filter bag is 90-170 mm;

– the length of the filter bag is up to 12 meters;

– filtering materials: fiberglass with area weight 540-850 g/sq.m.; or non-woven needle-punched felt with area weight 400-800 g/sq.m.

Filter bag is an important component of dust collection systems, it is used to remove dust and industrial gas particles, it has found application in various industrial areas:

– concrete and asphalt production;

– mining of minerals;

– the agricultural industry;

– food industry;

– pharmaceuticals;

– metallurgy, etc.

Bag Filter Factory Ltd. manufactures products that can guarantee the maximum degree of cleaning from various types of dust. The bags are selected depending on the temperature, filtration rate and the properties of contaminants and dust present in the air flow.

Filter bags. Product’s main features

We comply with all technological requirements in the production process of our goods to have possibility to guarantee you high quality products at affordable prices.

Excellent strength, wear resistance and service life of up to 5 years are the advantages of our bag.

The process of operation is simple, the structure is easy to install and clean if necessary. There are different products in the range of goods produced by our factory, you have the opportunity to choose the product at an affordable price.

Filter bag regeneration

The filter bag can be cleaned in several ways. Regeneration is possible by vigorous filter bag shaking (mechanical cleaning), in this case the particles will fall down towards the disposal hopper.

There are filter bags for cleaning by reverse air flow, knocking out dust particles from the pores of the fabric.

There are also special constructions of filter bags for cleaning with a pulse of compressed air (pulse jet).

The choice of option in each case depends on the characteristics of the production and the properties of the dust particles.

You have the opportunity to order any type of bags from us depending on the operating temperature, filtration rate, type of regeneration and distinctive features of contamination. We guarantee the quality of our products and reliable performance for a long time.

Filter bags’ production and operation features

Depending on cleanliness requirements to the certain location, as well as what technological processes are carried out there, you can buy filter bags made of different materials: woven and non-woven, synthetic or natural origin.

Filter bags can be installed in different ways inside the filter: using the clamp, into the cell plate or using the ring etc. Typically one filter bag can be used for several years. If during choosing the particular features of product’s operation were taken into account, then the filter bags’ capacity will be within acceptable limits for the entire period of its operation.

The products of our factory are capable of effectively solving environmental problems. We offer you high quality products at affordable price. The production of filters is our main activity, in the production process we use only proven modern technologies, so we can guarantee the quality and efficiency of our products.