Pulse Jet Bag Filter BFF-I-M-(65-165)-A (single module)

Pulse jet bag filter series A are used to remove fine dust from aspiration emissions from various technological units and processes.



Stationary device for dust collection, continuous running of general industrial or explosion-proof design (compliance with ATEX certificate), is being produced according to TU U (Technical Specifications of Ukraine) 28.2-31700904-001: 2018. The main feature of the A series is the installation of filter elements from the side of the “clean” gas chamber.


  • working element: filter bags
  • regeneration – by compressed air impulse
  • maintenance of filter elements – from above
  • equipped with an automatic control system for the ability to work in automatic mode
  • temperature of gases to be cleaned – up to 280 deg.С
  • filtration efficiency – over 99%

Scope of application – enterprises of the mining, cement industry, construction industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, power plants, waste incineration, etc.

Which industries use Pulse jet Bag Filter

The filtering unit consists of hopper, supporting part, body which is dirty gas chamber and clean gas chamber. The dirty and clean gas chambers are separated by cell plate. Cell plate has special holes for mounting the filter bags.

Through the air pipe, the polluted air enters the dirty gas chamber, then passes through the fabric of the filter bags, while dust particles settle on the surface of the bags, and the cleaned air enters the clean gas chamber.

Branch pipe is located above each filter bag for regeneration. Compressed air pulse is supplied under high pressure from it to the inside of the bag. Thus, the dust deposited on the outer part of the filter bag is knocked down and crumbled into the receiving hopper.

The dust having reached a certain level affects the sensor which gives a signal to turn on the lock feeder and the dust is unloaded from the hopper.

By choosing BFF bag filter you get not only equipment installation, but also the full cycle of customer support: from design to installation supervision and after-sales service. That is, turnkey solution. After all, our goal is to solve specific environmental issues and the specifics of local industrial production.

Bag filters are used in variety of industries. They are necessary to catch dust particles and other harmful substances from air masses. Products are classified into several groups, some can be installed for internal aspiration, others are used in open area.

Advantages of the pulse jet bag filter

The filter bags are cleaned with short-term impulses of compressed air in such equipment. It literally “knocks” dust out of the fabric, cleaning the filter surface. The filter bags are fastened in the cell plate using a special fastening system sewn into the neck – the so-called double-beaded element.

These filters have a number of advantages, namely:

– regeneration of bags is held without general shutdown of the operation of the gas cleaning equipment, thereby not reducing productivity

– such equipment can be used for cleaning gases with high explosion risk.

Since high-quality membrane valves are used in pulse jet bag filters, this solution will cost you more than other filtration equipment.

If you do not have enough funds to buy the above equipment, then turn your attention to bag filters with mechanical regeneration. This equipment also has high filtration efficiency and a number of advantages.

Where you can buy pulse jet bag filter

Our company offers to our customers to purchase high quality products at the affordable price. The company’s employees manufacture products using up-to-date equipment which enables to comply with all the standards and requirements specified in the documents. It is necessary to correctly perform preliminary calculations for efficient operation of bag filters: calculate the filtration area, air ducts, fan power and also take into account the features of the gases to be cleaned.

In most cases pulse jet bag filter can last for decades. If all technical requirements are observed during the operation of the equipment, then the gas cleaning equipment performs its functions without reducing the filtration efficiency.

Additional information

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