Pulse Jet Bag Filter BFF-I-M3-(200-300)-B (triple module)

Stationary device for dust collection, continuous running of general industrial or explosion-proof design (compliance with ATEX certificate) is being produced according to TU U (Technical Specifications of Ukraine) 28.2-31700904-001: 2018. The main feature of this equipment is the installation of filter elements from the side of the “dirty” gas chamber. Both filter bag and filter cage have difference in their design.


• working element: filter bags

• regeneration – by compressed air impulse

• maintenance of filter elements – from the side

• equipped with an automatic control system for the ability to work in automatic mode

• temperature of gases to be cleaned – up to 280 deg.С

• filtration efficiency – over 99%

Scope of application – enterprises of the mining, cement industry, construction industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, power plants, waste incineration, etc.



Pulse jet bag filter series B are used to remove fine dust from aspiration emissions from various technological units and processes. Series B was designed especially for further usage in industrial areas with height limit.

Additional information

Product range


Capacity, thous.m3h


Filtration area, sq.m.


Number of filtering elements, pcs.



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