Discharge cone

The main difference between the BFF-1 dust suppression system is that it is passive, that means that it does not require any electrical or pneumatic rotating mechanisms. At the same time its efficiency is much higher than the active dust suppression systems existing on the market.

The design of the cone is built in such a way that during unloading the bulk material is pressed against the walls of the cone, and the dust continues to fall along with the material, but inside the flow. Thus, dust does not separate from the material and does not pollute the atmosphere.

The system ensures the cleanliness of the enterprise.



Unloading cone BFF-1 (with dust suppression) solves the problem of excessive dust formation during transfer / loading of dry bulk materials.

Scope of application: enterprises of the mining, cement, construction industries; elevators, grain dryers, feed mills, etc.

Additional information


It does not require power supply and special service personnel.


Usually is placed directly above the place where bulk material is loaded (for example, for loading ships, road or rail transport).


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