Flexible expansion joints

Our expansion joints are being constructed with materials that are resistant to high temperatures and aggressive chemical environments. Operation under pressure / vacuum is possible. Due to their high elasticity, ease of adaptation to existing equipment, flexible components can compensate the deformation in several directions at once. The use of gas-tight materials ensures high tightness over a wide temperature range.



Fabric expansion joints (flexible components) are used in systems with gaseous media compensate vibration effects, seal gas flow, relieve vibration loads and prevent deformation and destruction, to compensate misalignment of pipe connections. They can also be used to compensate for temperature changes in the casings of heat exchange equipment.

Additional information

Sizes, types of fasteners

according to customer’s requirements

Operating temperature

up to 1000 C

Working pressure from

from -0.2 to 0.3 bar


Single-layer or multi-layer composition of high technological materials


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